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Pickup Information

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  • If your shipment includes skids/pallets, are they standard size (4ft x 4ft)?
  • Entering dimensions for non-standard size pallets will allow us to provide proper equipment with sufficient floor space to accommodate your request.

  • A two hour window between ready and close time is required to book your pickup on-line. For shipments not meeting this criteria, please contact customer service.
  • Any request received after 3:00PM local time (at shipping location) may be considered a next working day pickup.
  • For international shipments, please ensure all customs documents are complete.

Shipper Information

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Please ensure the "Shipper Phone" number is for the actual shipping location as this will affect pickup scheduling.

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International Shipment (Broker Information)

International shipments require a completed Bill of Lading with customs broker information and a commercial invoice. Lack of broker information and documentation may cause transit delays at border crossing.

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Payment / Service

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  • Temperature control is not available with Intermodal Service

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If your shipment contains dangerous or hazardous goods, please remember to check the "DG" column.

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Liftgate at Delivery Warning! Skids with non-standard dimensions or skids over 2,000 LBS each may require special services to complete delivery. Please contact us if you require further information.

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**Maximum liability of ($2.00 per LB) $4.41 per KG unless stated otherwise.

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Special Instructions

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